Kitter Quest is a puzzling adventure game (think Zelda, without any combat). Journey across the land to find the Cat Shrines and release the trapped cat spirits from within -- and break the curse that has turned everyone into cats! It won't be that easy, though. Each shrine contains challenging puzzles that will put your kitten mind to the test!


Arrow keys to move

Z to talk to cats

X followed by an arrow key to use your magic spell (once you unlock it!)

R to restart the current room (if you get trapped)


Code / sound by Nathan

Art by  Diana (some tiles from by Michele Bucelli)

Overworld music by Anderson

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withOpenFL


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last temple was too hard for me :-(


cute, and satisfying puzzles.

the ones where you had to step on the blue tiles while avoiding the fireballs felt like way too much trial and error, but all the others were good

Love this game to bits - only complaint is the very jarring sound when you complete a room! lol. Great work though, this is amazing! :

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Thank you! Sorry about the sound, I've reduced the volume!

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Glitch in download version: resizing doesn't start until after the screen-size has been set, resulting in either too much cut off or garbage being visible outside the playfield if the game is opened at any screen-size other than the intended one.