The Little Robot That Could is a top-down shooter featuring a variety of power-ups and weapons.


  • W, A, S, D or arrow keys to move.

  • Aim your weapon with your mouse and click to fire it.

  • +, - to adjust volume


Eliminate all the enemy robots on each level within the time limit.

You win when you complete the last level.

You lose when you run out of health (by taking bullet shots) or run out of time.


Sometimes, enemies will drop power-ups when they die. There are three types of powerups: fire (red), lightning (yellow) and metal (gray).

You can walk over the powerup to pick it up, which will change your weapon, or shoot the powerup to blow it up and deal damage in a big area.

Each color of powerup works differently (see the table below):

Flamethrower: Click to fire a stream of flames.Tesla Coil: Click on nearby enemies to damage them.Shotgun: Fires a cone of bullets and propels you backwards
BombDeals bonus damage.Paralyzes enemies for a short while so they cannot move or attack.Can also destroy pillars (revealing hidden treasure inside!)


Programming by Colin Lu, Nathan Pinsker, and Anderson Wang

Art by Nathan Pinsker (except for the tileset which is from

Music by Anderson Wang

Sound FX by Colin Lu